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We found Montessori Global Research Institute when I was looking for care for our soon to be 1 year old. I had read only a little about the Montessori method of teaching, so I was intrigued. The tour was great, all the different sections, the way the children interacted, and I liked the variety of teachers. When we started, Dr. Ambar encouraged me to stay with my baby as long as I wanted those first couple weeks until I was ready to leave her for the day. I spent a lot of time talking with Dr. Ambar and her passion for children and learning was clear. She made sure to be the first one the babies bonded with, in fact, some of the older children have been there since they were infants. You can see the respect and affection they all have for her and vice versa. An important thing for me was that they encouraged our breastfeeding. They fully supported me and were accommodating for our daughter to get the milk she needed. Our daughter thrives there, there is smaller class sizes, more personal attention and we have seen her learning so many other things than her older brother did at another daycare. I too, have learned other; better ways of parenting as well. We love Montessori Global Research Institute.

Mr. Christ Butera and Mrs. Lara Butera

"We don't feel like we are dropping our kids off at daycare, we feel like we are leaving them with family."

Matt & Meghann Walsh

“We have been sending our child to The Global Montessori School of Ormond Beach for almost a year and we are thrilled with our experience. Their individualized focus and personal-based schedule was a breath of fresh air relative to other infant/toddler care options available. Through our child's time in their care, we have seen the same individual focus and attention that every parent hopes their child would receive. We have witnessed our 20-month-old complete tasks we never imagined one could. We contribute this to the excellent teachers and their focus on the Montessori principles of child-centric learning, preparation, encouragement and respect.”

Phil and Kate Sayers

"We've made the right choice in GMS! We toured many "Daycare" and Pre-school facilities when our son was two. We were terrified to leave our son without us, until we met the nurturing staff at GMS. Their home-like environment vs. the warehouse/box types is what we needed for our boy. The Montessori program there has given our now almost four year old an incredible foundation. He applies all that he has learned there at home, and we couldn't be more pleased!"

Jeff and Tina Jacobson

"Our child has been at the Montessori Global Research Institute (MGRI) for over 3 years. He is now 5 years old and in the VPK program, but academically he's doing work at a first grade level (thanks, in part, to the Montessori approach to education). We have complete trust in, and respect for, the founders of the school. The teaching staff is also excellent. The children are well cared for, and are exposed to a wide variety of cultures and themes that work their way into our daily lives. He is truly receiving a well rounded education, and is having fun while doing it!"

Amber and Kenny Carter


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